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There are several methods of selecting and sending a shipping container to Panama. The actual shipping method is universal for most shipping companies but what can vary from customer to customer is how the goods are handled before and after the voyage. These loading and unloading options are available to both residential and commercial customers. The first method is a live load. The shipping company will deliver the shipping container to Panama to the desired location so that it can loaded with whatever inventory is to be shipped. The driver will wait until all loading is complete and then take the shipping container to Panama away. It is customary that the first few hours serviced are at no charge and any additional time that is needed to finish the job will be prorated accordingly.

The second method that is used to load inventory onto a shipping container to Panama is the drop off. A driver drops off a container for a predetermined amount of time and the customer will have a certain amount of time to load their inventory. Once the customer is done, a driver will come and pick up the packed inventory and ready the shipping container to Panama. The third most common method is warehouse and terminal loading. All goods are taken to a warehouse or terminal location and are loaded on the shipping container to Panama from there.

A 20 ft ship container and a 40 ft ship container are the standard container sizes. For residential purposes, it is safe to say that if only household goods from a traditional size home are being shipped then a 20 ft ship container is adequate. A 40ft ship container is needed if household goods and a large personal use items are being shipped. It is possible to only utilize half of a container. If this is what is fitting, all inventories must be taken to the port. It will be palletized, wrapped and loaded by the company in the appropriate shipping container to Panama.

As with all countries, a shipping container to Panama will require a trip through customs. Customs can be handled several ways. The containers will be stored or warehoused until the customer can personally handle the transaction. A customs agent or broker can be hired to handle the entire process and then the inventory can stored or moved to the desired end location. Balboa, Panama City and Almirante are some of the more popular ports to accept a shipping container to Panama without the customer on site.

For each shipping container to Panama there will be different fees, taxes, and forms to fill out appropriately. The customs requirements are easy to access and this can often be done right through the company providing the services. All arrangements regarding the loading and unloading of a shipping container to Panama should be cleared with the company of choice first. Making arrangements that work against company policy can end up causing unnecessary and wanted delays.

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Container Ports in Panama

There are 7 Container Ports in Panama: Port of Balboa, Port of Colon, Port of Cristobal, Port of Cruce Canal, Port of Diego, Port of Manzanillo, Port of Panama

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